L I S T E N I N G  T O  T H E  L I G H T

"I've been inspired by the idea of hot air-balloon and smoke… I thought of a meditative scent, of a Zen atmosphere.

On top qualitative Italian bergamot, to give some freshness.

The precious iris concrete and the Damask rose for a feminine effect.

Mysterious balsamic tones of benzoin, Turkish styrax and cinnamon bark.

Deep patchouli and mystic guaiac wood, together with clary sage and tobacco leaves, to recreate a narghile accord, spiritual and intense.

And, for the smoke effect, a beautiful vetiver to sign the scent in authenticity and elegance."


Dynamic scheme: manifesting/enveloping. Smoky and sugary, it envelops in a tangible and meditative embrace. Hinting at a propensity to an unforeseen, open spirituality.