At Design Miami / Art Basel 2016, exclusively with Aybar Gallery, oneofthose presents Inaccessible Perfume, a limited edition creation, whereby the concept of the brand is captured using different materials.

With a simultaneous air of mystique and irreverent playfulness, it represents the pleasure of this entirely new perfume experience: the wonder of discovery.

Three shells, in black, grey and white, each with their own texture, entirely envelop the bottles inside: sealed away from the senses, pure and untouched like modern fossils, suspended in cosmic time. 

They are created in Glebanite, an innovative material made from recycled fiberglass, with an appearance that eludes classification, poised between natural and artificial, organic and inorganic. Fruit of an innovative, all-Italian ethical research project, it invites each individual spectator on a unique sensory journey.

Is it possible to touch a scent? Hear it? Inhabit it?

Enjoy the journey.


Design: Francesca Gotti

Photo: Nicolas Mazzei