M I R R O R I N G  I N  A  D R E A M

"My inspiration comes from the fact that Mercury is a fluid element, not a solid. I wanted to give the impression of a shiny and bright fluidity with metallic inflections, but very clean ones… It had to be a fragrance with a strong impact because Mercury for me is dynamic and evokes modernity and technology.

I’ve played with a metal effect twisted with a clean, technological and dynamic aspect in order to translate my idea of Mercury in an odor. For the metal effect I’ve created an oxide accord, while a mix of aldehydes, rhubarb and mandarin reproduce the clean dynamic and technological character. The dry-down is woody with notes of cedar wood and sandalwood."


Dynamic scheme: mirroring/transformation. Irrepressible, swinging, shimmering, fluid... It’s silvery and startling: a combinations of reflections and transparencies. It is like a mirror that magnifies and folds reality.